How Much Ash to Submit for Cremation Diamonds

Necessary Material Amounts

What you’re about to read is the list of the amounts of remains (ashes or hair) that we require to transform them into cremation diamonds.



1. Cremated bones are those larger than twenty millimeters that remain after the cremation finishes.
The bones usually contain a less carbon than the ashes (usually around 1 to 5 mm).

2. We accept several sources of carbon; for example, 5 g of hair along with eight tablespoons of ashes.

3. The hair color, type of hair, and artificially dyed hair do not affect the final diamond color. These pigments get
removed during the carbon purification process.

4. The amounts noted above have been calculated and are necessary regardless of the diamond size. The instrumentation required for the entire process needs a fixed amount of carbon to create a diamond. The final
size of the diamonds is determined by the time spent in the synthesis process.

5. The amounts noted above are enough to grow up to three diamonds depending on the size ordered.

Additional Back-up

The carbon present in the remains can vary. Because this process is permanent, we usually recommend our clients provide us with an extra amount of remains as a backup.