Frequently Asked Questions

Ashes: 8 tablespoons
Hair: half a cup

We need about eight tablespoons of ash or half a cup of hair to create a diamond.

We accept several sources for the required carbon (for example, 50% of hair and the rest in ashes).

The quantities above cover up to three diamonds. If you need more than three, we ask you to please contact us so we can arrange the exact amount of remains we need for production.

Pet ashes and fur are very similar to human ashes and hair at the chemical level. Therefore, we need the same amount in each case.

To turn ashes into a diamond, it takes us about two to four months.

The exact length of time will depend on your diamond’s size and color. If you want a larger diamond, it could take up to four months to grow. Our colorless memorial diamonds need an extra purification process, so it takes more time than the yellow cremation diamonds.

The cost of a memorial diamond varies depending on the color and size you choose, just like the cost of a natural diamond.

Cost begins at $1,249 for a .25 carat yellow diamond.

Cremation diamond pricing

Yes, we create 100% real diamonds, just grown in the lab from the carbon in ashes or hair. Every one is inspected by a third-party and graded for authenticity. Your cremation diamond will be unlike any other diamond in the world! Each one is as unique as the person you loved and lost. We take our time during the process of turning ashes into diamonds so that we can ensure the highest quality diamond for you.

Even though cremation diamonds from ashes or hair are nearly identical to natural (mined) diamonds, SAINT DIAMONDS works with professionals who can identify the differences with the help of technical instruments that can measure the slight discrepancies in the chemical density, as well as the layout of the carbon atoms.

For instance, luminescence is highly used in diamonds analysis; however, it needs especially-created situations, such as the one created with short-wave UV light.

Certainly. We can always work around this requirement with you to reach a solution that suits your family. You can also decide to send us only a portion of the remains for your own reasons.

If you do not have enough remains (ashes or hair) to cover the necessary amounts for production, members of your family can supply us with the hairs we will need.

Color Development in Natural Diamonds

Diamonds grow deep in the Earth, subject to many climate factors such as density, pressure, temperature, and radiation, among many others. SAINT DIAMONDS has been able to duplicate this exact atmosphere in our laboratory; therefore, we can create cremation diamonds. These beautiful memorial diamonds capture the significance of your loved one by assuming fantastic colors during the crystallization process.

Color Development in Memorial Diamonds

Our staff of engineers and experts has scientifically developed several techniques and atmospheres to give you the vast number of diamond colors we offer. What you see below is a representation of the instrumentation and techniques that we use to create diamonds from remains in every memorial diamond color we have available.


“The H.P.H.T. means high-pressure high-temperature. It’s a highly productive instrument in the color-changing process of several diamonds, turning them blue, gold, pink, or even completely colorless” Gemological Institute of America (2012).

SAINT DIAMONDS operates with a set of carefully-revised security protocols when it comes to the remains of your loved one, as well as the cremation diamond. We treasure the safety of all our materials, so we partner with the most responsible couriers to make sure you receive your memorial diamond in perfect shape. You can also track your diamonds with our tracking system.

Our internal processes get rid of any risk of impurities that could damage the cremation diamond during its production. We also have established departments that track and identify the items as they move through the production process. You can rest assured that we care for the identity of everything related to you.

If you order a cremation diamond from us, you will be able to send us all of the cremation remains. We’ll carefully process and identify your remains, using the needed amount for the production of the number of diamonds of your choosing and then incinerating the leftover carbon in a process called a Diamond Burial.

If you are thinking about sending us all of your loved one’s remains, please notify us in advance so we can send you enough storage containers for the remains.

SAINT DIAMONDS carefully purifies and processes all the remains (hair or ashes) we receive during the first stages of the cremation diamond production. The needed the carbon resulting from that purification processes, which is then transformed into a real diamond. If we have any remaining carbon, which is in a graphite powder form, we’ll keep it at our laboratory for security measures. We cremate the remaining carbon in a miniature furnace.